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My name is Rami Stevens, and this is my story

I am 33 and I survived Suicide

I'm 33 years old and 4 months ago my husband decided he was not in love with me anymore because of my mood swings and horrible anger outbursts. He asked me to move out and I didn't listen for 3 months thinking it would all go away and we'd be fine… meanwhile he made friends with a female co-worker and they started texting and calling each other ALL the time!!! No matter how many times I'd tell him how much he was hurting me he would just get very angry and tell me we were separated. Last Saturday night January 27, 2018 one day after our 16th marriage anniversary I had a few beers with my anti depressants and got the bright idea to walk to her house and I found him there and lost it. I walked back home trashed my house and his things and swallowed my anti depressants and sleeping pills and sent him a text that I had done it. He called 911 and the cops came and got me and I spent 4 days in the intensive care unit. I consider myself extremely lucky that I didn't succeed and made it out alive. For now I've lost my kids and husband, but have so many family members stepping in to help me through this. I will beat this, my story is not over yet! But I will never touch another drop of alcohol as long as I live.

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  1. Rami ,I’m sorry that your husband was so horrible to you, you didn’t deserve that and he should have stood by you.i hope you get your kids back and you get all the help you need .i wish you all the luck in the world.Stay strong 🙂

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