My name is Logan Torrey, and this is my story

I am 16 and I struggle with Anxiety

hi, I am Logan Torrey… a happy go lucky teenager. i hate letting people see my struggle, and trust me i struggle a lot. It all started at my first job. i would go in and no one would talk to me… then was when i finally realized not everyone would like me (that was a struggle itself to be okay with that). i began to think that every guy that had made an impact in my life left because of me. my dad moving to a different state, my grandpa dying, my mom's ex boyfriend (father figure), and my friend committing suicide. i thought it was all my fault… why didn't i call my grandpa more or why didn't i go to school the day my friend was acting weird and showing all the signs?! WHY LOGAN WHY?? was god punishing me for my mistakes? i began to feel sad so sad that i couldn't get out of bed and i began to lose my faith in god. i was ready to give up on life and did not see a point. until i went to church one sunday and was listening to the sermon… and i said to myself "if god is real show me a sign" then i thought no… that isn't enough "god if you are real… have my pastor say my name right now." my pastor looked at me in front of the congregation… "Logan i just want to say how proud i am of you and how far you have come." at that moment tears ran down my face and my faith was restored. i vowed to look at life differently… i wasn't going to let a by get in my way, bullies beat me down, and talk bad about myself. I have the semicolon on my left ring finger because in the bible it talks about the direct blood line to your heart. so my story isn't over and my heart is still beating.

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