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My name is Jessica Aguayo, and this is my story

I am 33 and I survived Suicide

I chose 7 categories cause thats how many times i pulled the trigger of a loaded pistol i once owned….. i was 26 when i met her.. i worked security at the time.. she was slick, very slick an to good to be true… after a few weeks, she asked me out an I said yes.. after 1 month, her mood changed an I was confused over it.. 1st it was secrets, the fighting every day… month an a half later it got physical an ij started changing.. I was losing friends while she filled my head with lies.. it put a strain on my relationship with my mother who raised me on her own since I was 5yrs old…. one days, things got heated, I was tied down an torchered told if I ever cheated shed kill me an the one I cheated on her with.. then it got worse, she raped me, beat me an filled my head with lies… after 5 months, I left… I escaped an my mom helped.. dispute everything she still loved me.. its been 7 1/2 to 8 yrs now.. i suffer memory problems, ptsd, axioty, small spaces, o cant go out at night alone, some nightmares but im free an i married to a woman who understands where im coming from.. shes been my rock for 4 yrs.. listin, it does get better.. its a journey but you will heal.. the mind takes longer while the body is quicker…. I use to self harm, drink alot, be destructive an it was cause of her… my message, FIND YOUR LIGHT.. it's there..

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