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My name is oliver, and this is my story

I am 15 and I struggle with Self Harm

hi , my name is oliver. i’m currently 15 years old. and well i came here to share my story so i can know i’m not alone with how i’m feeling. this all started back when i was in fourth grade. at that point in my life things went downhill for me. i kept trying my hardest to do my best but i couldn’t satisfy my family. it went on with this for a while and that’s also around the time i started to hurt myself. it helped me because i felt physical pain instead of emotional pain. it went on like this until seventh grade. where i wrote down how i was feeling that day and if i felt like hurting myself anymore. eventually my mom found it and she saw my scars. i remember her calling my dad , my doctor, and my therapist. i got antidepressants and went to the doctors more. later that year something really bad happened. one of my close friends, their brother had well overdosed. that hit me really hard and i cou dot beleive it. that made me think, and the next time i hurt myself i told my mom. i told her i thought of the brother, byron. she was proud of me for telling her but sad that i did it again. i went through the next year in deep depression. where every little thing i did wrong i got yelled at for. there have been so many times where i just wanted to end all of it but didn’t because my friends. i’m so thankful for all of them. ninth grade has been okay to me and i’m glad i have so many friends that care so deeply about me. right now, i’m not so stable with everything in my life but i’m trying. i am trying my damn hardest.
and i want everyone (if anyone) who reads this to know that you’re valid. you are in charge of your life and your future. as one of the people i look up to most (daniel howell )said. “you are a human with one life, it is up to you to make it the best you can.”
thank you for listening 🙂

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