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My name is Ally Bennett, and this is my story

I am 18 and I struggle with Anxiety

i got my first tattoo yesterday ;
i got a semi colon because i know how much mental illnesses suck. for me i carry the weight of anxiety and depression around. i can't do simple tasks like order at starbucks or knock on a door or answer a phone call. sometimes it gets bad enough that i won't go to school for weeks. but i also always never want to get out of bed, i don't believe in myself and i carry this darkness over me every single day that tells me i'm worthless and i'm nothing different to this crazy world. the meaning of this tattoo is to not give up. a semi colon is used when you want to end a sentence but you don't. but in this case the sentence is your life. i know what it feels like to want to just make it all go away. stop breathing forever. want to feel the relief of never having to do anything ever again. but that isn't an option ever. i still have bad days. almost every day if i'm being honest. but there are ways to talk to people and get the help you need. so please don't end your life cause there is SO much to live for. to all of you that suffer with what i'm going through, please don't give up on the world. i love you ENDLESSLY.

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