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My name is Sierra D Jean, and this is my story

I am 18 and I struggle with Depression

My story begins when I was a child. I had been thrown around from place to place and abused. When I was 6 years old I wanted to die due to what had been going on but as time went on I grew stronger. I found people that i could talk to and trust. Not all of my family cared but a few did. One f the few that did passed 3 years ago because of suicide. Not a soul could see it but me. The last thing I remember him telling me the last time I saw him was "Life is worth living, its beautiful. Suicide doesn't take the pain away forever. Your spirit lives on and the pain stays for those you left behind." He taught me to try and control my depression and calm my anxiety. My uncle Ian was my reason why I want to be alive because I know he is always watching me. I proudly wear the semicolon on my wrist in memory of Ian. Everyone deserves life and to see the beauty in everything. You are loved and you matter!

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