My name is Chris Bottaro, and this is my story

I am 33 and I struggle with Bipolar Disorder

It all starts when I was young struggled with drugs and alcohol met my beautiful strongway strong wife I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about 12 years ago dealt with alcohol addiction was able to stop for 5 years after my children were born now I have started drinking again and fight everyday just to get out of bed even though I see my doctor on a regular basis and can't scene to make the demon shut up I have good days and bad days but now my strong wife is starting to give up on me and I'm not sure what to do she hates when I drink I can't stop I can't stop the demon in my head it adds to a huge spending problems and I'm going on the 12th of December 2017 to get my special semicolon tattoo to Hope that when the demon talks I can look down and say I can beat you 4 the love of my children and my wife I have to do something and I need help

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