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My name is Melisa Arango, and this is my story

I am 19 and I survived Suicide

It's about my dad. I had a beautiful family, we were four, my mom, my dad and my brother. We were so happy but in one week all change. We were in a bed, a normal night of monday. My dad comes to say that What we going to do if he dead, i taked this question like normal because i only had eleven years but for the others days was the same, he said things like "If i dead you need live in another part, if i dead your mother can have another partner" This was so hard for me and in the night of thuesday i was so angry for that, it's was incredible for me. In the night of the saturday all will can change and my family and me didn't do something for change that. My dad taked the decision for kill them self. He was in the street with my mom, only he said to my mom that stay with he for a moment, from a bag he taked a gun and shot in her head. My mom saw everthing. She comes to run and search for help but it was so late, my dad dead inmediatly. It's change my life for complete, this is the moment that i don't know why my dad did that, we were a happy family, he didn't have big problems or something like this for take that decision. The time pass, it's 8 years are very difficults in my life. I miss my dad all the days of my life, i don't jnow how i can live more years with out he. My mom suffer of depresion, it's so difficult because she is alone, she works and our relation not is so good, makes all more difficult than the normal.I have days that it's very desesperant, i had ideas of suicide because i was so near of my dad and the situation with my mother not is the best. Yesterday i made the semicolon tatto, i need search motivation for my days, i know that one day i will be stay with my dad for the rest of my life but i wait that it happen in many year, not yet. Thanks for read my story.

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