My name is Iesha, and this is my story

I am 27 and I struggle with Dissociative Personality Disorder

hello my name is iesha although I don't go by that name I go by Dani which is short for my middle name. I was abused as a child went in foster care got diagnosed with ptsd DID depression atypical eating disorder anxiety ocd and I am also gender fluid. I was picked on in school and even in college. I am a Delta Sigma Theta sister and I have grown a lot but there are times where I still struggle. I had 3 suicide attempts after I left foster care. My most recent was june 2018 I was dealing with a person that I thought loved me but didn't. I have switching episodes at times and I am working on that. I have been symptom free from eating disorder for almost 9 months. I am a work in progress and my story is not over yet.

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  1. you are doing so well 9 months is a long time you should be proud of your self you are very strong (I’m sorry if that sounded patronising) I’m sorry that you have gone through all that but you are very strong just keep fighting things will improve ,just stay strong and keep fighting ;

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