My name is Iesha, and this is my story

I am 27 and I struggle with Dissociative Personality Disorder

hello my name is iesha although I don't go by that name I go by Dani which is short for my middle name. I was abused as a child went in foster care got diagnosed with ptsd DID depression atypical eating disorder anxiety ocd and I am also gender fluid. I was picked on in school and even in college. I am a Delta Sigma Theta sister and I have grown a lot but there are times where I still struggle. I had 3 suicide attempts after I left foster care. My most recent was june 2018 I was dealing with a person that I thought loved me but didn't. I have switching episodes at times and I am working on that. I have been symptom free from eating disorder for almost 9 months. I am a work in progress and my story is not over yet.

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