My name is Begin Again Jewelry, and this is my story

I am 34 and I struggle with Suicide

On October 21, 2017, I lost my brother in law to suicide. He spent a lot of time fighting mental illness without telling anyone. In fact when he lost his fight, I was clueless that he was struggling. I didn't tell him the things that I should of, and didn't realize how much he mattered to me until he was gone. My family went into crisis mode. My son started self harming, my daughter became withdrawn, and I lost myself to anxiety and depression. We all started counseling but anyone that has been through this type of grief understands that we have a long way to go even today.
In September 2018, my daughter and her friend decided to start a fundraising/ business called Begin Again Jewelry. They receive donated unwanted and broken jewelry from people and then remake it new again. It is then sold and ALL the proceeds go to Suicide Prevention.
Since we began, they have raised a little over 1,000 dollars. Donating it to funerals of those lost to suicide, Afsp, our own Suicide prevention coalition in our county, did 120 angel project cards, participated in Kloset Kindness day, and donated to their school anti bullying program. We have met many people that have lost loved ones to suicide and even more that are struggling and were willing to tell us their story and get the help that they needed.
Through this, our family is slowly starting to learn how to live through the grief that has taken over my family. It breaks my heart that it had to be the loss of Chris to get me to realize that the stigma on mental illness is so great that people would rather die then to get help. I wish I would of known then what I do now, because then maybe Chris would still be here….But he isn't. There is a hole in our hearts and in our family that will always be there. But if we can stop the stigma, teach the world the truth about mental illness and help more to understand that it is ok to need help, and its ok to not be ok that less will have to feel this loss. Thank you for listening.

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  1. this is unbelievably important ,thank you for your hard work and sorry for your loss , I’m like that i never tell anyone about any of my problems and never tell any of my friends that i have depression because when i hear what people think about mental illness people think the wrong things like at my college one of the people in my class thinks that all people with depression are violent towards others ,which is not true but that’s what they believe because they believe the stigma , any who enough of my rambling , you are all doing really well , stay strong and keep fighting ;

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