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My name is Lee Maxwell, and this is my story

I am 51 and I survived Suicide

My story is all my life I have been bullied because of birth defects that made me look different from all , the normal. My father was abussive through out my life from being beaten or verbally.
As I grew up through life I also like many got involved in alcohol and drug abuse along with getting in trouble with the law.
I finally met the true love of my life we had two beautiful girl and I gain two great step children.
When my stepson turned twenty one he passed away in a motorcycle accident and it was a trumendless loss.
Several years later I had to have major back surgery once it was done I fell into deep depression I felt as though I was useless no longer a real man, we fell into deep debt and I saw no way out. So one day I sat in my pick up truck with a hunting knife to my chest thinking everyone would be better off without me. A week later I was hospitalized for being suicidal, homicidal and a menace to society. When I got out of the hospital I say a true calling and that is to tell my story and to promote suicide awareness and mental health awareness. I began making suicide awareness bracelets out of paracord and gave them to my family. I want to help more because I am a survivor and yes my story isn’t over. I chose life, love and family to keep me strong.
God bless you all and anyone can call or text me if they wish to talk 574-370-5163. I’m not very educated but I have a very big heart and I have a lot of love and support to give.

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