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Everyone has a story to tell. This one’s mine

I am 18 and I struggle with Suicide

Everyone's gone through something. Some people have gone through a lot. In a world so messed up, nobody's "normal" anymore. At least that's how I see it. im just gonna warn everyone in advance.. my mind's a mess, this is gonna be a long story. Anyway, here it is..

So Ive grown up with ADHD, been diagnosed & medicated since I was 5. With that comes the inability to control yourself, your emotions, feelings, actions, speech. its not a complete inability. you can train yourself to live with ADHD. but nobody said it was easy. you never know what the boundary is until you've passed it & by then people are already mad & annoyed with you. your attempts at joining in or offering ideas around others, become outbursts of hyperactivity & youre loud. its obnoxious. yeah ADHD isn't all fun & games like a lot of you think it is. people with adhd are more likely to hate themselves & have negative self image than those without adhd. and that's just genetic. theres nature. and theres nurture. adhd isn't something u choose. youre just born with it. its a chemical imbalance in a persons brain. its just how it is. I didn't choose to be this way. it just happens to be my lot in life.

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  1. Thank you for being here to tell your story.
    You are an amazing person because it’s hard to talk about these things and you are a strong person and many people needs a courage like yours.
    Your mind ins’t a mess, don’t hate yourself.
    Thanks again and much love for you <3
    I'm sorry for my bad english

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