My name is Hana988, and this is my story

I am 29 and I survived Suicide

I always hated myself.This is started a long time ago where I was a kid .I used to be abused by my family .They always treated me like an object like Im not even human.Its was really hard being neglected by my parents Then there were no friends at school too .I always felt like Im such creepy sick weird person.In 14 yrs I started to hurt myself by putting my self in Harm situations like stop eating,Stay awake For days ,Work a lot .I was trying to kill my self by Doing that .In 16 yrs old I remember I was in bad condition because Of my parents They always fight and Dad always keep in beating me and The rest of us kinda of being aggressive.So The easiest way to Die that time is by taking pills Like a lot of pills To just Die .I Took like a whole bottle of sone kind of pain killer thoughts about killing all these pain I felt back then .I started vomiting and I was in bad condition.My family took me to hospital just because In cause I Die They won't tKe responsibility for that .I get out of hospital after week Not even my parents know about it because They weren't educated .
I still sometimes feel like I want to selfharm because my family still the same .I hope oneday I can stop .

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  1. Hana, Be strong and focus on yourself. You have made it this far, so you got this. Get yourself surrounded by positive things and get involved with something you believe in. I believe building a relationship with God will help tremendously. God Bless. JP

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  3. Hana988 you are so brave I understand what you are going though and I hope you have a lot of support around you now you deserve be happy and I appreciate you sharing your story because I now how hard it is to live feeling like you hate yourself.

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