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My name is JP, and this is my story

I am 52 and I survived Alcohol Dependence

I was in a 23 year Marriage that should have ended long before it did and a 27 year Military career that ended in a way that took a tool on me mentally. I'm not a quitter, so staying in this marriage just kept digging me a deeper hole and I became a severe alcoholic for 10 years until I woke up one day and said no and stayed sober for 10 years so far. As I sobered up…reality set in about my family life and the depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I kept it all hidden for a good 5 years until it slowly started to show and affect the family. Over the next 3 years it all fell apart and my "X" filled for divorce after I survived suicide. It was after the divorce that I started looking at myself and got help. A friend told me about Project Semicolon which has helped a lot in seeing just how "not alone" I am. Additionally, getting Counseling helped me to get tools to help me manage my mental health and understand that it affects people of all ages. Talking is the most important tool I utilize. Also, I keep God in my life.
Every now and then, I still have some issues with my mental health, but I believe we all do at times and it is how we deal with it that counts. I know staying sober and alive is a decision I make everyday and as long as I say "Yes", I know I'm making myself a better person. Seeing my tattoo all day helps to keep me focused.

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