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My name is mia muro, and this is my story

I am 15 and I struggle with Self Harm

It all started when I was little and my parents divorce. Everything in my life changed. I was only 9 when I had my first Boyfriend but I never really stayed with one person. I kept going guy to guy. I got a reputation after that. People started calling me a hoe and slut for being with all these guys and that's when I had depression. I went to therapy for six years but it never got better it just got worst. I made it to middle school and my reputation followed I switched schools at least 3 times due to bullying. But at my final school I stayed there half of 7th and all of 8th and people would bully me, my body started"changing",boys and girls took interest in me for my body. And that's when I started hating my self my body I stopped eating for about a few months then I started eating alot. I hated my body so much I started cutting it up I did my arms,legs and stomach. Yet I still do it. I have never stopped doing it I got therapy again but only for 1 year and then I started taking pills, I started drinking everything in my parents liquor cabinet. I would stay up questioning whether to take my life that night. Middle school ended and now I'm a freshmen. I my sexuality changed over time. Then one day at school a guy I didn't know followed me to the elevator and sexually harassed me there. I was left there cry at school alone. I was afraid to tell people. Then guys would touch me everywhere.my relationships would involve him or her touching my body and I would say nothing. People still call me a hoe but I've accepted it. I have attempted suicide several times this school year. I've only ended in the hospital 7 times. I am slowly getting better.

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