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My name is Aubrianna, and this is my story

I am 16 and I survived Suicide

My story began when i was 12 years old. I was sexually assulted and had no idea what was happening. When i told my best friend what had happened, she didnt believe me and left. nobody seemed to want to help me understand so i just held it in. as the days kept passing i eventually began having suicidal thoghts.
when i began my freshman year, i took a sewing needle and began scraping it against my wrists. my mom saw me doing it and took it from me and said i was doing it for attention. i tried explaining to her that it wasnt a joke so she eventually took it seriously and took me to the hospital. we sat in the hospital for 13 hours waiting on a facility to take me. medics showed up and took me from my mom i didnt want to leave my mom but they took me from her to the ambulance
when we arrived at the facility i stayed there for 9 days then was able to go home. things went well at first then 3 months later, i relapsed. i took a cutting knife up to my room… i ran up there and barricaded my door shut a couple hours later my stepdad got in and ought for the knife. i wouldnt let him take it when he got it i had cut him with it it wasnt a deep cut but it was bad enough he bled
3 medics and 5 officers arrived at my house and i mine as well have been restrained bc i was sitting at the dining room table but there was either a medic or an officer on every side of me. i was taken to an officers car to be transported to the hospital. we went through the same process again and i was transported to another facility for 6 days after that stay they came to a conclusion that i needed extended treatment. so they sent out 15 referrals to residential facilitys.
my mom got the call t the end of march saying i was accepted to a facility and had been third on the list. i went on May 4th 2017 and stayed there until november 6th 2017. it was definitely a rough stay because that had been the longest time i had been away from home. im still fighting sometimes but i havent relapsed i hope i can stay strong the rest of my life and not relapse anymore and continue reaching out for help in emergencies

1 (800) 273- 8255 dont fight this alone ;

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  1. Aubrianna,

    You got this. Stay strong, focused and positive. Finding a way to bring God and prayer into your life would be great…it has helped me tremendously. With him, there isn’t anything you can’t handle. Just take one day at a time and each morning when you open your eyes look up and thank God for another day because your story isn’t over yet. Additionally, have a plan. Come up with a plan for when you are having a bad day. Having one or two friends that you can always count on will help. I’m much older and have been through a lot and everyday is a new challenge and I thank God for it, because it makes me stronger. You’ll be in my prayers.


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