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My name is Samantha, and this is my story

I am 17 and I survived Depression

I was in a toxic relationship for two years. He made me feel worthless, unwanted, unable to be loved. That being said he is a good person, just not good for me. In June of 2017 I knew I was off, I found myself hiding out in my room, the only time I’d come out was to go see my boyfriend who made things worse. This went on all summer, my family didn’t notice because I was good at faking a smile, my boyfriend did notice something was off and he tried helping but he had no idea that he was the problem. By the end of summer I had done research and predicting I may have depression. I sat with my mom, cried, and told her something was wrong with me. On August 12 I had my first panic attack. I was camping with my family and for some reason I was really sad, i went to the shower to try to clear my head and all of the sudden I couldn’t breath, and I was crying uncontrollably. August 13 I had wrote a letter, called my boyfriend and said goodbye and was about to end my life when my mom came running in. My boyfriend had called her crying telling her everything. August 14 my boyfriend broke up with me, he knew in order for me to get better I needed to have him out of my life. That was my breaking point and my new beginning.

I found help, I went to the doctor who introduced me to my therapist, I was put on medication because depression runs in my family. I found a new meaning to life, I realized I was important to my family; who would my little sister and brother look up to if I was gone? Who would my best friend go to for help? how would my mom and dad recover from the death of their child.

I had trouble sharing how I felt, so I turned To dance. I am a competitive dancer so this year I chose to do my solo to Rise Up by Andra Day and on my shirt I have a semi colon.

I made it through this from the help of my family, therapist and dance. There’s always something or someone you can turn to to help you get through what you’re going through, please never give up.

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