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My name is Mackenzie Trammell, and this is my story

I am 23 and I survived Suicide

Hi everyone, my name is Mackenzie.
I’m 23 years old and I’m married with a daughter.
I grew up struggling with depression because I experienced several traumas but I overcame those things.
I’ve been through everything from being born blind to loosing two close family members 6 months apart
In August of 2017, I was raped. I immediately felt so disgusted with my life and I felt so worthless. I battled this along with PTSD and anxiety until January 2018 when I tried to take my own life.
I was so incredibly down and out that I thought i had no other choice than to end it all. I thought my life wasn’t worth living. I thought j had lost everything. I thought nobody wanted me.
I overdosed on several medications and the doctor told my husband he isn’t sure how i survived. I spent two days in a coma and another week in a mental institution.
When I got out, I dove into my faith. I knew that God saved me for a reason and now I spend every single day praising him for saving my life. I have found incredible peace and healing through him.
I thought my life was over. I wanted it to be over. But I’m so thankful it isn’t. I have worked so hard to overcome all the adversity in my life.
I am about to graduate college. I have a beautiful family and amazing friends. I am the daughter of the most high King.
I am loved and I am worthy.
I am a survivor.

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  1. Me indentifiquei com a sua história, sei q a batalha para depressão é um dia de cada vez, porque só quem tem ou teve sabe o q é ter inimigo na própria cabeça lutar contra a tristeza e a negatividade todos os dias,todas as horas.Voce estar viva já é uma vitória , você vai conseguir vencer essa doença.

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