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My name is Julia Mohler, and this is my story

I am 15 and I survived Suicide

When I was six, my parents got divorced, because my dad cheated on my mom with another woman.
He was gone and for the next 2 years I didn’t knew where, how, with who he was.
When he finally called me one day, he told me the he was moving to Texas and that he was moving on.
I was shocked.
Since then I felt empty, unloved and stupid for thinking he might come back, or even thinking he’d care about me.
A few months later I found out that I have a stepsister and I wasn’t allowed to see her.
When that happened I was completely broken.
So I fought my thoughts and lived in miserable life until I was 14 and just couldn’t do it anymore. I was weak, sad, scared, broken, broken-hearted and empty.
I just didn’t want to feel a thing. So one night, I ran to a bridge near my house and was about to end it all, but I didn’t.
I don’t even know why didn’t jump and actually I feel like shit even right now while I’m writing this. I’m diagnosed with depression and I’m still not okay, but I found hope and people who believe in me. They helped me realize that I don’t necessarily need my dad to be happy.

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