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My name is Andi, and this is my story

I am 21 and I survived Suicide

My name is Andi, and I am a survivor of countless attempts. I write this today with strength and courage and hope to radiate similar strength and courage to those of you reading.
I was raised in an abusive, neglective household. I saw things no person should ever witness, let alone a child. I became depressed as soon as I was old enough to comprehend that things happening in my home were not okay. I was really excited to go to college because I felt that I was escaping the traumatic childhood that raised me; however, college was a rude awakening of reality. It was difficult, it was time-consuming, and I was alone. I had no parents, no money, and no hope. I began to think of all of the ways to take my life as I was struggling to just get by while working a bunch of part-time jobs throughout college. With no family support, depression lingered in all directions I turned and my grades suffered. I was suspended from my college, I spent two years from the age of 19 to the age of 21 searching for something or someone to fill the void in my heart to dismiss the absencey of a family dynamic.
When I finally sought out the help of mental health professionals, my life went from night to day. I attend weekly therapy, I flip through books upon books and different stories of fellow survivors, and I realize that there is always hope. All of those who are lost can be found. I sit writing this today in hopes to inspire just one of you, because being able to share my story and hear others' sets a fire in my heart.
I have since been reinstated to college and will graduate in December, and I am applying to graduate school to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner as I have felt firsthand the difference that mental health professionals make in our world.

This tattoo in my photo exemplifies how I overcame the anxieties and the depression that once shadowed over my fragile soul but now have become a part of my testimony to being set free.
Much love,

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