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My name is Anders Bjernhed, and this is my story

I am 65 and I survived Suicide

First: I must explain that I am a swede and my English is far from perfect.
Today I am on my 65:th year on this planet. Since my 4:th year my life has been filled with depression depending, among other things, as well mental abuse as physical. As well in my home, leisure time, school and at my work. My first suicide attempt I did as I were 12 years old and it was well planned since a long time. The last one was at the age of 43. Between these two occasions I had three.
The last one – as all the others – was after a longer time of depression. The day I should commit suicide was during a winter night. I was very calm and targeted. I drove toward a high bridge and parked my car. Walked to the highest point. A free fall of 60 meters into the icy river below.
Climbed over the fence – as suddenly a truck came and made a signal. That signal made me stop for a while. It was time enough for a police car to arrive. An officer walked slowly without saying anything at all. He only looked at med and gave me his opened has as an offer. I took his hand and this should be a starting point in helping other.
1997 I started to study social science including psychology, neuropsychology, sociology etc. 2007 and 2008 I took as well a Bachelor's degree and a Masterdegree in social science, specialized in suicideprevention. I have received two scholarships from the Nordic Ministry Council to study the experience of the work with suicideprevention in Norway.

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  1. It is amazing that events such as yours point us in a direction of helping others. I am so glad you did succeed in your attempt. The world needs people like you to better understand the feeling we have experienced. It is happenings like this that make us care about the well being of others. I am 45 and have went back to school for Psychology I want to help others to let them know they are not alone and there is nothing to be embarrassed of. I am currently starting a new chapter at college for mental health awareness I want to change the stigma attached to it. I told my wife I am going to change the world and it will be with the help of people just like you. The people who care about others.

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