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My name is Arianna, and this is my story

I am 14 and I struggle with Self Harm

I was about 11, I struggled with major depression and anxiety. Going to school was the hardest task I had ever faced. I felt completely worthless being there, surrounded by all these happy, perfect people. Perfect people who judged me for everything I did. I think I was around 11 1/2 when i first made a razor blade kiss my my wrist like it was kissing someone’s little I would go days sometimes without coming outta my room to eat or to see anyone, I never felt like i had SOMETHING going for me. In my mind, I was ugly, depressing to be around, annoying, stupid, the least I could go home and cut away all these thoughts This continued up until about 3-5 months ago. I made myself completely miserable, all I ever focused on was taking away my pain not what I was doing to other people.One of my most fond memories was when I was in 8th grade, I was home and all I wanted to do was die. So I took a razor from my parents’ bathroom and with a shaky, I attempted to end my own life in the tub of my own bathroom Every time I tried to cut, I felt this overwhelming sensation of fear and I just couldn't make myself do it. My biggest challenge in school was my anxiety from all the bullying; It controlled everything about me. I never knew when an anxiety attack would come on, it could be in the middle of a conversation,It makes everything a challenge, from standing up in front of my class mates to present things to asking someone for help on a math problem all I could do was think of how people thought of me… worthless I finally had people start entering my life and making me feel wanted and feel like I had people there for me through anything.I can admit, I’m nowhere near complete recovery, but I am making progress and right now that's what matters. I have people and websites like this to help me and so do you Just remember, to anyone who’s reading this, you matter, and you're not alone

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  1. I’m sure the people that you have now are thankful for you being in their lives, even if they don’t know about your story, its good you are on the road to recovery.Stay strong and if you feel bad or are in a bad place think of the people who make you feel wanted. 🙂

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