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My name is Josue, and this is my story

I am 38 and I survived Suicide

Remember 2nd of Dec

Cursed old clock,
I don't know what to do.
For all the moments,
that I have never got through.
Bringing endless grief,
and pain that I never coped.

Today I shall end you,
for keeping me hunted.
Curse you old clock, for
my heart is now broken .
For the endless hurting,
you have done enough.
Now I am overwhelmed,
with only one though.

I sit in the tub,
with a blade as my friend.
To go in peace,
I bring the end.
Now I feel rested,
for our time is finally ending.
Your tic and your toc,
are no longer tormenting.

Eight pints of blood
and the time has not stop.
Must be a sign or miracle, because is not, my luck.

Disappointed with my clock while being locked.
To find out that my doctor, will not, let me go.
No longer to my muck,
is my clock and it's toc.
Because is been one year,
and I have discover.
What is like to be loved,
in the road to recover.

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