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My name is Shaquala Brown, and this is my story

I am 22 and I survived Self Harm

It feels pretty awesome! 8 months depression-free and self-harm free. All done by changing my lifestyle a bit and keeping a smile on my face. Since joining Project Semicolon I've learned many things about mental illness and how it took many lives due to suicide. I want to be able to help those who are currently dealing with depression and/or any other mental illness and tell them "Your story's not over." And give my support to those who have lost their loved ones to suicide. Truth is I've suffered severe depression since my freshman year at high school, mostly due to the bullying and mental abuse I've suffered at school. I've always been able to hide it but sometimes I always thought if I wasn't in this world anymore, everyone would be happy. I remember always getting ISS on purpose just so I wouldn't face my tormentors or anyone at the school. Even my older bro and sis got so tired of it that they even came up to the school and tried to help me out. My mother began to suspect but I didn't say anything and as a result, I suffered alone. Even after I graduated the pain started to get worse and worse even when I moved to Ohio. I still remember that day. Being left homeless and on the street after being discharged from the treatment facility I was in for my mental illnesses. It changed me and I saw that many people can't be trusted especially those closest to you. Looking back at all of the shit that I've been through….I'm surprised how I managed to overcame it all. Now I always have a smile on my face. Laughing, being my usual adorable funny self because I have people that support and love me and I'm happy with the life that I am living. As 2017 comes to an end I'll continue to grow mentally and emotionally and help those who are suffering. I will become a more stronger, healthier and happier young woman in 2018. 😊

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