My name is Storm, and this is my story

I am 18 and I struggle with Depression

I'm a music artist named Dolo Storm who deals with depression & suicidal thoughts daily; When i was young i got into alot of trouble all the time because i have mental issues which kept me from functioning properly in school; My parents never got me help because they needed help themselves; Mental illness runs in my family on both side; My grandmother abused my father physically & verbally so he kinda passed it down to me; I created the acronym D.O.L.O (Dying Of Lonely Oppression) because i always feel alone & that no one loves me or just sees me as only a trouble maker; I don't like feeling this way about myself & i know i need help;

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  1. I hope you do not leave this world you are loved and wanted, you will find people that make you feel these things and express these things to you, and I believe you become a very popular music artist in the future.Try to believe in your self , i don’t know you but I do and i expect that others that have read your story do as well. Stay strong 🙂

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