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My name is Angel, and this is my story

I am 15 and I struggle with Self Harm

2 days before my 8th birthday my entire world came to a sudden halt. My grandma, who was my best friend, my go to person, my entire universe, and my happiness, died from a collapsed lung. She had lung cancer and diabetes but I never knew, nobody knew. Every since then I was depressed until 2016, that's when I met my first love his name was Jay. And we dated until recently. He left me for a girl he knew for 2 months, I'm heartbroken, depressed, suicidal. I'm fat, I have an eating disorder I'm also bipolar and I push away Pepe because I don't want anyone to get hurt, I don't wanna be anyone's burden. I just wish that someone would understand and listen to my problems, I wish someone could mend my broken self but no one can and yesterday I tried to overdose but it didn't work. I'm the fat friend, the ugly duckling, the lone wolf, the whore, the bitch, the mistake, the burden. No one understands and no one can cure my depression, many have tried but they all fail in the end. I bottle everything up and push people away, so when I explode no one get hurts. Thanks for listening.

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