My name is Navin Shetty, and this is my story

I am 38 and I struggle with Major Depressive Disorder

I have been addicted to alcohol for long time now. I am totally broke now with no proper job with no wife. I have been felt alone now. There are people around me for name sake pretending to be caring but I know all just need me to just vanish some where. I feel like ending this useless life of mine soon just waiting for the right time and way.

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  1. There is always hope my friend. Maybe those people around you are genuine in their care. And even if they’re not you can still help yourself. I also have been stuck in an addictive cycle of drinking and street drugs. Please believe me when I say its possible to break that cycle, it’s possible to love yourself, it’s possible to recover and become someone stronger. I believe in you. Please believe in yourself.

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