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My name is Rob Thrasher, and this is my story

I am 50 and I survived Suicide

My struggle began over 30 years ago. I struggled with suicidal thoughts before I joined the military in 1985. I set it aside while in the military, and then for over three decades. Then after a bout of GURD it came back. Then I thought I beat it again until my daughter was diagnosed with depression, then more correctly, with bipolar disorder. Then about five years ago I became very depressed never knowing if I would awake to find my daughter dead. My daughter nearly died more than once and I have not fully recovered from that PTSD. I can barely hold a job due to my mental state. So, I decided to win. I started a battle against bipolar and mental health disorders called Healing-With-ART.org. I still dont feel as though I have won, but I feel like I am winning more so every single day.

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