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My name is Aaron and this is my story

I am 17 and I survived Suicide

You could say I had a perfect life.But the truth I did not have a "perfect life". I decided to Self Harm myself because I was tired of struggling with everything. My parents told me I was doing it to get attention. But the real reason i was doing it, it was for relief of the stress of Bullying.
Anorexia Nervosa was another part of my life. I did it because i felt like the world was Judgmental area in my life. I lost a lot of weight. My parents saw how much i lost weight and they knew i was in Anorexia mode.
Now, 2017 i feel better of my personality. I help other people with the same area i was struggling. Letting them know They're not alone, they have people who will fight with them on their side. Encouraging them to keep on fighting.

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