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My name is Tanya and I am healing.

I am 27 and I survived Addiction

My story much like a lot of you is a long drawn out continual one.
I started seeing a therapist in 4th grade, I was sexually assaulted, bullied and abused. To me I was worthless and point blank the problem. I then had a friend committ suicide in 8th grade that rocked my world and brought on severe depression. At 14 I started weekend drinking and of course that is a depressant so it continued and I started acting out…drugs drinking cutting etc.
I got sober and became a Christian in 2010 and my life has been just as incredible and just as horrendous (three more friends have passed from suicide since.) I'm a mom and it has been by far one of the most amazing life giving journies I've ever been on. My two year old makes me not only desire living but living life to the full. He brings me joy he loves me as if nothing is wrong with me he helps me view myself in a beautiful light.
I still struggle with anxiety and boughts of depression. I very possibly could forever. But I'm not suffering anymore. Through prayer, continued love and support from friends family and therapist and significantly helpful techniques like dbt skills I am living a beautifully broken and successful life in spite of my disorder.

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