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My name is Christi, and this is my story

I am 44 and I survived Suicide

I attempted suicide 28 years ago today: April 30, 1989. I was admitted to a private psychiatric facility for 32 days and was diagnosed with a chemical imbalance that causes my depression. I then went through some outpatient therapy as well. I made it successfully through high school and a couple of years of college before having another depressive episode. I decided during that one that if I needed medication for the rest of my life, then so be it! I graduated college successfully and am a teacher…I have been employed with the same school system for almost 20 years! I met and married a wonderful man who is so supportive, and we will have been married 19 years in July. Together we have three sons. The only times I have been without medication since the age of 21 was for the first trimester of each pregnancy. Postpartum depression was also a very real and difficult part of my life after each baby. I've had other ups and downs over the years, too! Medication switches…health issues…losing my dad…but with God's help and that of my friends and family, I continue to not just survive, but THRIVE! It CAN be done! You are never alone unless you choose to be! Don't let the depression/anxiety/addiction win!

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