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My name is Ellie.

I am 13 and I survived Self Harm

In Year 4 (I was 8) my mum passed away. I struggled but I had support from my school, friends and family. Fast forward to now. I am a victim of bullying. It was a group of 7 girls. They would kick my chair, pull my hair, call me an orphan, push me around. I didn't feel safe at school anymore. I was in alot of mental pain. After I had told my teacher that I suffered from Anxiety they would call me a freak. Everytime I would log into social media I would receive death threats. I was told to kill myself, Slit my wrists, Hang myself and to overdose. All this pain that was kept inside was released through selfharm. I haven't selfharmed for 3 months and I have no urges at all. They still call me names but I have learnt to ignore them. I am currently helping a friend out who suffurs with an eating disorder. Everyday she is learning to eat more.

If you're sad cry. Cry your heart out because holding it in is the worst feeling ever.

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  1. Ellie you are much stronger than you know. Do not give the terrible bullies what they want keep ignoring them. For some unknown reason they think this act makes them cool. All it really does is makes them look like the fools they are. Keep pushing forward and continue to help your friend that is a great asset to have to want to help others. Thank you for sharing.

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