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My name is Michael, and this is my story.

I am 32 and I struggle with Suicide

I'm new to The Project and new nothing about it until yesterday (4/9/2017) guess you can say I'm late to the game ; where does one start ? At the beginning? Awful childhood leading to a passion for leaving home, I graduated early and left as soon as I could to join the Marine corps. I served my time and then some ;After I have made a small life – got married – had two beautiful kids and have struggled with depression, Anxiety, self harm, Suicidal thoughts and this is killing me. Yes I have sought out help ; yes I have been on medications ; seems like nothing ever worked or will .
Hit me up for questions,comments,concerned – I am a good listener and always willing to share .

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  1. I am so sorry you are struggling. I am 49 and have been on many different medications before
    finding one that worked for me. also been through a few therapists that I felt like I “clicked” with. It can be very discouraging. Don’t give up.
    Keep fighting for yourself. You are worth it. Much love.

  2. Hello Michael J.
    I am not sure if anyone reached out to you.
    Just want to encourage you and remind you that you are loved. you are valued and needed.
    you are not forgotten. A man loved you so much that he has engraved you on the palm of his hands.
    you are equipped for this fight…you know which one I’m talking about. YOU ARE ABLE! YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES!
    with his help, you can defeat these giants and have healing and peace.
    DO NOT GIVE UP. remember your service. thank you for your service.
    know this Michael j… There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. you have a friend who laid his life down for you. believe it. you are very precious and loved.

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